Drugs of Abuse

[2] Belbuca (bel-BYOO-kuh, buprenorphine) buccal film will join the Butrans patch as an option for treating chronic pain (2/16)
[3] The new Narcan nasal spray (naloxone) will be another choice to help reverse a suspected opioid overdose (1/16)
[4] more push to use prescription drug monitoring programs (PDMPs) (11/15)
[5] OTC and Rx drugs that are abused or misused (10/15)
[6] You'll see new "intermediate" strength fentanyl patches (7/15)
[7] more Rxs for naloxone (Evzio, etc) (7/15)
[8] preventing medication misuse in TEENS (6/15)
[9] concerns about a new POWDERED alcohol (Palcohol) that's hitting the market as soon as this summer (6/15)
[0] new warnings and regimens for Chantix (varenicline) (4/15)
[-] You'll see a new insomnia med, Belsomra (bell-SOM-rah, suvorexant) (2/15)
[-] how to handle partial fills of controlled substances (hydrocodone/acetaminophen, diazepam, etc) (12/14)
[-] safe use of opioids for CHRONIC pain (12/14)
[-] two new antiepileptic drugs, Fycompa (fye-COM-puh) and Aptiom (AP-tee-om) (11/14)
[-] DEA will give people more options to dispose of controlled meds (11/14)
[-] More patients will be using NON-opioids to treat short-term pain (11/14)
[-] avoiding problems when ALL hydrocodone combos (Vicodin, Tussionex, etc) become Schedule II on Oct 6 (10/14)
[-] benzodiazepine misuse and abuse will bring up more questions about med choices for treating anxiety (10/14)
[-] gabapentin misuse and abuse (10/14)
[-] DEA's switch of all hydrocodone COMBOS (Vicodin, Tussionex, etc) to Schedule II on October 6th will cause lots of confusion (9/14)
[-] Tramadol (Ultram, Ultracet, etc) will be a Schedule IV controlled substance at the federal level starting August 18, 2014 (8/14)
[-] more patients being weaned off benzodiazepines (lorazepam, etc) (8/14)
[-] rumors that promethazine with codeine syrup (Phenergan with Codeine, etc) will be taken off the market (7/14)
[-] Rumor: You don’t need to worry about prescription drug abuse in elderly’s very uncommon. (6/14)
[-] more interest in abuse-deterrent opioid formulations (5/14)
[-] how to handle controlled substance Rxs for patients with a "pain contract" or treatment agreement (4/14)
[-] "Molly," the party drug (12/13)
[-] more confusion than ever about buprenorphine/naloxone combos now that Zubsolv (ZUB-solve) is joining the crowd (12/13)
[-] new approaches to managing alcohol dependence (11/13)
[-] You might see some Chantix (varenicline) Rxs for both smoking and ALCOHOL abuse and dependence (8/13)
[-] whether zolpidem and other "non-benzo" insomnia meds are safer than benzodiazepines for elderly patients (6/13)
[-] managing side effects due to stimulants (Adderall, Ritalin, Focalin, etc) for kids and teens with ADHD (3/13)
[-] questions about the medical use of marijuana (2/13)
[-] more emphasis on the appropriate treatment of acute low back pain (12/12)
[-] more people abusing Suboxone tabs (10/12)
[-] how to curb the Rx drug abuse epidemic (4/12)
-- Preventing Prescription Drug Abuse
-- Patient Education Handout
[-] Getting the Most Benefit of Your Pain Medication (3/12)
[-] Medicare, DEA, and others will crack down on patients abusing opioids and other controlled substances (3/12)
[-] whether it's possible to test positive for illegal drugs without taking one (2/12)
-- Urine Drug Testing
[-] two new opioid formulations, Oxecta and Lazanda (10/11)
-- New Formulation: Oxecta (Oxycodone)
[-] A new Risk Evaluation and Mitigation Strategy (REMS) will aim to reduce the misuse of long-acting opioid pain meds (OxyContin, etc) (6/11)
-- REMS for Long-Acting and Extended-Release Opioids
[-] avoid mix-ups with "benzodiazepines" (4/11)
-- Benzodiazepine Toolbox
[-] The latest craze is using "bath salts" to get high (3/11)
-- "Bath Salts" Abuse
[-] More patients will ask you for OxyContin "OC" instead of "OP" (12/10)
-- New OxyContin (Oxycodone Controlled-Release) Formulation
[-] People are abusing some unexpected OTC and Rx meds (11/10)
-- Drugs of Abuse
[-] new warnings about tramadol abuse and suicide (7/10)
-- New Abuse and Safety Warnings for Tramadol
[-] Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs (PDMPs) to combat prescription drug abuse and diversion (7/10)
-- Prescription Drug Monitoring Programs
[-] Instant cold packs are now being used to make "crystal meth" or methamphetamine (2/09)
-- Making Methamphetamine with Instant Cold Packs
[-] Requirements for dispensing buprenorphine tablets (Subutex, Suboxone) Rxs are confusing some techs and pharmacists (1/09)
-- Drugs with Prescribing, Dispensing, or REMS Requirements
[-] rumor that tramadol (Ultram, Ultracet, etc) will be scheduled as a controlled substance (1/09)
[-] OTC iodine tincture to make methamphetamine (9/08)
[-] Soma (carisoprodol) will now require a call to the prescriber to verify the strength if it's not written on the prescription (2/08)
-- New Soma (Carisoprodol) Strength
[-] Salvia divinorum is the latest craze in drugs of abuse (11/07)
[-] Some people are abusing Seroquel (quetiapine) (10/07)
[-] ingestion of alcohol-based hand sanitizers (Purell, etc) can cause alcohol poisoning (8/07)
-- Ingestion of Alcohol-based Hand Sanitizers
[-] high doses of niacin to beat drug tests (6/07)
[-] dextromethorphan abuse in teens (2/07)
[-] A new test for alcohol may be costing some people their jobs (12/06)
[-] Actiq use and abuse is going up (6/05)
[-] People are asking about drug testing (3/05)
-- Urine Drug Testing
[-] new national campaign to help stop diversion of common household products to manufacture methamphetamine (8/04)
-- Methamphetamine and the Meth Watch Program
[-] all kinds of tricks to fool tests for illicit drugs (2/03)
[-] teens abusing Coricidin HBP Cough and Cold tablets (3/02)

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