[2] Many meds can "tip the balance" and WORSEN heart failure (9/16)
[3] more focus on "patient-centered" care (9/16)
[4] shift toward focusing more on the VALUE of care and less on VOLUME of Rxs (8/16)
[5] preventing med mishaps due to "polypharmacy" (6/16)
[6] How do you know if you're about to cross the line into patient counseling (5/16)
[7] changes to the requirements for national technician certification (3/16)
[8] there will be new changes to Star Ratings (1/16)
[9] A complete and accurate med list helps a comprehensive medication review (CMR) (12/15)
[0] Comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) will improve your patients' care...AND can increase your pharmacy's revenue (7/15)
[-] more awareness about how a patient's culture can impact their health (5/15)
[-] communicating effectively with other health care professionals (4/15)
[-] more focus on optimizing med use to prevent hospital readmissions (3/15)
[-] Star Ratings will continue to bring BIG changes to pharmacy (1/15)
[-] Dispensing insulin syringes and pen needles often causes confusion (1/15)
[-] how you can help your pharmacist improve the care of asthma patients (12/14)
[-] more focus on "backing off" of chronic meds in some elderly patients (11/14)
[-] Striverdi Respimat (STRIH-ver-dee, olodaterol), a new inhaler for COPD (10/14)
[-] "medication synchronization" (10/14)
[-] Pharmacy technicians will help "make or break" pharmacists' new emphasis on providing comprehensive medication reviews (CMRs) (8/14)
[-] new approaches to improve medication use in patients who have had a recent heart attack or "MI" (myocardial infarction) (5/14)
[-] how to avoid the skyrocketing costs of GENERIC drugs (3/14)
[-] the differences among inhalers used for asthma and COPD (2/14)
[-] functions pharmacy technicians can perform to help pharmacists get more involved in direct patient care (12/13)
[-] help improve medication adherence (12/13)
[-] more focus on how you can help your pharmacists improve the quality of patient care (11/13)
[-] help smooth the transition as key parts of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) are implemented (9/13)
[-] Technicians in ALL practice settings play a vital role in "transitions of care" (7/13)
[-] More pharmacies will ramp up medication therapy management (MTM) services (6/13)
[-] Patients will hear reports that they should NOT take certain meds (5/13)
[-] health care reform (5/10)
-- Healthcare Reform Highlights
-- Patient Education Handout
[-] Treatment guidelines will become more important to pharmacy technicians (3/08)
-- Clinical Guidelines: Selection, Use and Implications for Healthcare
[-] Billing issues stemming from the National Provider Identifier (NPI) number requirement are still getting sorted out (7/07)
-- An Update on the National Provider Identifier (NPI) Number
[-] using the new pharmacist-specific CPT codes to get paid for Medication Therapy Management (MTM) (3/07)
-- Developing and Implementing Successful Medication Therapy Management Services
[-] pharmacists providing Medication Therapy Management (MTM) services (10/06)
-- Medication Therapy Management: An Opportunity for Pharmacists
[-] Medication Therapy Management (MTM) in conjunction with the new Medicare law (5/06)
-- Medication Therapy Management: An Opportunity for Pharmacists
[-] Medicare Part D Rx drug coverage starts January 1, 2006 (8/05)
-- Medicare Part D Resources
[-] "Medication Therapy Management" under the new Medicare law (11/04)

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